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Welcome to the Sync Blog!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Welcome to the new Synchronize Strategy blog, with new content weekly from our team of experts and music and education thought-leaders. This is a great resource to keep up to date on new trends in music, education, the music and audio industry, and more.

At the core, Synchronize Strategy's mission is to guide music industry companies and professionals to succeed in the music education market. With a blend of research, planning and business development services, we help businesses and individuals worldwide go-to-market. This equates to your unique and authentic message and approaches to K-20 (kindergarten all the way through college) music education.

Teaching and learning from school, home, or a bled of both is the new normal. In today's market understanding the needs of teacher and students are critical. Music classes rehearsal, lessons, and performances are all different in the pandemic. Understand education decision-makers, school systems, colleges and universities, and pro=schools and become a trusted resource. We all need support in these new and challenging times.

Here's a brief example of what's happening on one college campus - Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. Synchronize Strategy founder, Lee Whitmore, had a call this week with Dr. William Quillen, the dean of Oberlin Conservatory of Music. With so many post-secondary campuses only offering remote classes, Oberlin has the benefit of being a small campus with space.

"We (Oberlin Conservatory leadership and faculty) are not entering the pandemic with the goal of attempting to replicate pre-pandemic norms. Such would likely be impossible, and would therefore lead to continuous disappointment. Instead focussing on what we can't do, we ask: What do the current conditions afford, and what sorts of new horizons might they inspire?" - Dr. William Quillen

What Lee found most interesting in the chat with Bill were his comments about the Oberlin Conservatory Faculty's creative approach to change in the pandemic. For instance, rather than cancel student junior and senior recitals last spring semester, Bill shared that, "We had students doing everything from...really interesting interactive albums with commentary and performances - artistic vision statements."


This series of Sync Blog posts about what's happening around the world in music education during the pandemic, will continue next week.

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