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Learn to be a Better Producer

What makes for the most engaging learning? Something that's relevant, meaningful, and authentic. If you want to teach music, you have to know your student and start with music and artists that are familiar to them. Once you have students engaged, you can teach them almost anything.

It worked for me. My first piano teacher made sure that along with scales, arpeggios, exercises, and classic literature, that I also got a dose of Billy Joel, Elton John, and Yes. Those are some of my early keyboard influencers and I loved their music.


Fast forward a few decades and the large proportion of the music that's popular today, (both commercial and underground), has at least some electronic elements. What if your interest is working as a DJ and in music production? That was hot on top of my son's list when he was in high school, but I wasn't able to find online resources that were interesting or helpful to him.

Last year I met two UK-based DJs and producers, Andrew Ferguson (Nomine, aka Outrage) and Raff Di Renzo (aka Nurve). They are the artist-producers behind, a world-renowned online learning platform for aspiring musicians and producers that are into electronic music genres like Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, etc.

From start-up, to garnering thousands of course enrollees and subscribers, is making a mark on contemporary online music learning. And they have serious credibility. In January, launched its first Rockschool Ltd (RSL) certified curriculum offering. If you aren't familiar, Rockschool-graded course offerings are respected, professionally-recognized learning certifications in Europe.

I recently hopped on a Zoom chat with Ferguson and Di Renzo, and what impressed me the most in addition to their music skills and talent, is their passion for learning. The founders spoke openly about how music changed them as young people. Andrew Ferguson shared his youthful struggles with anxiety, and how music helped him to overcome that. He and Raff are dedicated to ensuring that more young people have access to quality, relevant music and audio education so that more students can benefit from music. Watch below:


Learn more about Education & Bass LTD's Ultimate Music Production Course with RSL certification. For a limited time, use code 'ebrslusa' for a 10% discount, and get access to thousands of dollars in Slate Digital and Kilohearts plugins and synths, for the year-long duration of the course. Better yet, you also get access to Ferguson, Di Renzo, and other pro faculty for advice and feedback throughout the course.

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