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How We Work

Access Knowledge

Do you know the market?

There's a massive education market: According to Zion Market Research, the entire US education market is projected to approach or exceed 2 billion USD by 2026. Included in that market are 47 million K-12 public school students with access to music education. The European Union and the UK spend approximately 4.6% of GDP on education. Nearly every major country in the EU and the UK, require arts and music instruction for their students every week.

Speak the Language

Building a respected and trusted presence with public schools, colleges, universities, and pro schools will return dividends for the long-term. But do you know how to engage education decision-makers so they take notice? Synchronize Strategy delivers core messaging and team training so you communicate in ways that resonate and build your music education brand. 

Create your roadmap for success

Your organization's journey into music education will contribute to bright futures for countless young people and their communities. Synchronize Strategy has the unique experience and creative approach to the market you need. We provide the map, and guide you every step of the way.

Planning Travels

Be Strategic

Be Strategic

Step 1: Market Sizing and Analysis

Market research, product research, market sizing

Step 2: Define a Market Position

Research-backed advice on your roadmap and lineup

Step 3: Go-to-Market Planning

A plan for your sales and marketing teams, including:

- Core messaging 

- Campaign tactics and performance indicators

- Measurable sales development strategies



Make it happen

Once campaigns are prepared, Synchronize Strategy makes sure things are humming:

- Lead follow-up

- Customer relationship development that generates - revenue

- Campaign tracking and course-correction

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