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Synchronize Strategy was founded by Dr. Lee Whitmore, a thirty-year industry veteran that has helped millions of young people engage in music education. Lee is driven to make music something that is accessible and fun for students of all ages, cultures, and economic means. Lee's circle of education professionals and music industry innovators allow him to tap into a deep reserve of experts that fuel Synchronize Strategy. These are the people delivering market research, action plans, product positioning, and training for your company and team.

"Lee possesses an extremely deep knowledge of education, media, arts, and technology. I can think of nobody who understands the complex intersection of these domain as well as Lee. He is a forward thinking marketer who executes on.a well informed vision of global trends in media arts technology."

John Kline, WeVideo Education

Our Mission

Synchronize Strategy helps make the world a better place through innovation in K-20 music education. More music makers make the world a better place.

Music Class
Music Class

Our Goal

Synchronize Strategy defines and creates credible brand awareness and market growth for music industry companies worldwide.

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