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Don’t Miss the Inaugural Sync-Up Event with David Mash

Guess what's coming from Synchronize Strategy - a monthly virtual networking gathering. It is a chance to hear words of wisdom, music, and stories from the month's featured feature. After the 15-minute feature conversation, attendees have a chance to ask questions and have conversations with featured speakers. Then, it is wide open for networking. Chat, tell us what you do, what you are working on, and ask the group gathered for advice. All focused around music, audio, creative digital media, education, and the biz.

Join us on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020, at 2pm EDT / 11 AM PDT, for the inaugural Sync-Up gathering. Our featured guest will be David Mash, musician, education, and futurist. Recently retired from a distinguished 40-year career at Berklee College of Music - where he was senior vice president for innovation, strategy, and technology - David is writing music, releasing albums, and is the president of the Bob Moog Foundation board of directors and chairs the board for the Alan R Pearlman (ARP) Foundation.

Join our Facebook group HERE to attend the inaugural event. Attendance is limited for intimate conversations.


To keep up to date on the calendar of speakers each month - sign-up for communications below.

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